WMKC Club Championship 2017 Round 1

The first round of the Whilton Mill Kart Club Championship 2017 took place on a particularly frosty weekend in January.  Since the last X30 Mini race at Kimbolton the number of drivers was gradually growing, with nine on the grid this weekend, Whilton Mill choosing to run the X30 Mini and Minimax (Rotax) races together. 

With a solid day of practice on Saturday under his belt Kai was confident going into Sunday.  Whilton Mill use a system which involves three random grid heats which decide the start position for the final.  Kai started the first heat in fourth and finished first, the second heat seventh and finished third and the last heat third and finished first.

The heat results combined put Kai on pole for the final where he led to an emphatic first place finish and fastest lap.  His first win of the year in only his second race.