Kai’s KF3 Junior kart experience

This Junior kart is a full size chassis with a IAME KF3 125 cc liquid cooled engine producing about 26 horsepower.  This configuration of kart and engine is used in Junior series (12 – 15 year old) racing worldwide – it will be at least two years before Kai gets to race in this category.  Kai’s most powerful kart driving experience so far is the Vortex MiniRok 60 cc which produces about 10 horsepower, so this was a big step up.  Despite this he drove well, logging about 36 laps and clocked a respectable 46.0 sec lap – video below (to be fair the kart was considerably under-weight with no ballast and such a light driver).  It was a fun experience for Kai which has given him a whole new respect for the Junior drivers, both the physical exertion and reaction times.