Kai Askey, a twelve year old kart racing driver

Latest Race Reports



  • PF International X30 Junior kart laps with GoPro Hero...
  • KF1 karting circuit onboard X30 Junior laps
  • IAME International Final Practice (Le Mans) onboard with Kai
  • PFI X30 Junior practice onboard
  • Whilton Mill X30 laps (New Year)
  • 7 Laghi / Castelletto X30 Junior practice
  • Kai Castelletto X30 Junior practice laps
  • Fulbeck Kart Circuit laps with gauges (4K)
  • Whilton Mill LGM X30 Mini onboard
  • Rowrah X30 Mini laps
  • PFI Practice, X30 Mini, Cold Tyres
  • Kai Salbris X30 Junior practice lap (X30 Euro Series)